Bartow Bapist Association Partnerships

ACTS 1:8

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”






Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

     The Bartow Baptist Association is committed to being an Acts 1:8 association composed of Acts 1:8 churches. For the last 6 years the BBA has been blessed to have a partnership with the St. Vincent and Grenadines Baptist Convention. When the International Mission Board moved their missionaries to an unreached people group, the opportunity opened for the BBA to help St. Vincent and the Grenadines finish the task of the Great Commission. The original partnership was for 3 years but was extended 3 more years by mutual consent.


     The partnership has been a great experience as both groups have been encouraged and strengthened. Each year teams from Bartow churches have gone to the islands to help equip the St V/G churches reach their community through VBS. Hundreds have gone, numbers have been trained, and hundreds have come to Christ. Teams  have also gone and led teenagers to serve their community through Vincy Splash. Each year teams have gone to St V/G to share vision and train leaders in an array of things designed to strengthen the churches and expand the kingdom. Leaders from St V/G have also come to Bartow observe and minister.


     This partnership has been a great blessing in a numbers of ways from encouraging a missions heart, building unity among the churches, and having a greater kingdom vision and impact. One of the great blessings of a long term partnership is the relations build over time. The St V/G people have been great to work side by side with and we are blessed to have brothers and sisters in the Caribbean.


     SPLASH Bartow was established in 2008.  It is a community wide event in Bartow County that includes all churches regardless of denomination.  Students from churches all over the county come together in teams and engage in service projects while ministering to those around them.  The mission of SPLASH is to Show People Love And Share Him.  The sole purpose is to share the gospel with the people these students are impacting.  SPLASH participation has grown exponentially over the years and has become one of the most thriving events that the BBA is part of.

This year at SPLASH...

     Once again God poured His Spirit out on and during SPLASH Bartow. An incredible army of 400 teenagers and 325 adults from 38 churches splashed 100 projects with the love of Jesus in Bartow County this past July 12-15th. REAL AUTHENTIC FAITH was the theme for SPLASH Bartow 2016. Students responded by moving out into the community building handicap ramps, painting, yard work, and a host of other construction type projects. They also did a number of evangelistic projects like backyard bible clubs and boys and girls clubs. Multiple ministry sites were splashed that included senior adult homes and others. They even made cookies and splashed first responders with homemade cookies and prayer.  While there were many incredible testimonies during SPLASH, the highlight is the more than 50 salvations and the over 100 rededications of students and adults who committed to REAL AUTHENTIC FAITH.

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